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Dimanche in Angers

Upon my arrival in France, my aunt in Switzerland introduced me via email to a French family in Angers with whom she became friends with while she and the husband worked for Nestle in America. Angers is a small city about 40 minutes by train… Read More

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Little Notes

I forgot to mention a few points about classes last week and better understand how classes function. 1. There are two restaurants open to the public at the lycee, with single kitchen and class serving each. One is a fine dining restaurant, while the other… Read More

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Around Nantes

Salut! I return to finish up my recap of the week. But FIRST, here are finally some photos of the center of Nantes, the commerce area and shopping district. I first came here Monday afternoon, at which point the fountain the the center of commerce… Read More

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Classes Continue

On Wednesday morning, I again had class with first year students, but this time with Mr. Launay. He insists I call him Bruno, which is very sweet and sums up the kindness he has shown me in his classes so far. The other students seem to… Read More

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So Much French

Long day. I arrived at the school this morning with my host sister, and the initial experience was confusing. Everyone spoke very quickly to one another – too fast for me to keep up with, but I was able to understand that there was some… Read More

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Lesson #1: Today, a kind email from my aunt informed me that Switzerland is not part of the EU. I probably should have remembered this and feel a little dumb about the mistake, but also, how could customs not know? I feel like that tidbit is important… Read More