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Hello friends, family, and chefs!

I have created this blog to document my studies and adventures abroad in Nantes, France over the next few months. I plan on updating it regularly to not only provide proof of my work and assignments, but also to keep you all informed on my experiences. I’m not much of my blogger, but I will do my best to keep you entertained. Feel free to make comments and suggestions, and questions are most certainly welcome.

For those of you who do not yet know of my travel plans: I am taking part in a new-ish foreign exchange program through my school, The Art Institute of Seattle. My baking instructor, Chef Antoine Rondenet, and the director of the culinary department, Chef David Wynne, have very kindly selected me to study and work abroad in Nantes, France.

I am still in Seattle at the moment; hence the above picture. I leave for Nantes on the 15th of January (this Thursday!) and return to Seattle on April 27th, with a week or so to visit my aunt and uncle in Geneva in between. I will be in baking/culinary classes at Lycée Louis Antoine de Bougainville for part of the trip and I will have an internship during the remaining time. I do not yet know my schedule, what classes I am taking, or where I will work. I don’t have a ton of information about where I am staying or what my daily life will look like. But I do know that I cannot WAIT to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity. I’m so excited to learn more about my industry and maybe have some fun adventures on the side.

Wish me luck – I’ll let you all know when I arrive.


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Baking and pastry student at the Art Institute of Seattle and baker at a local bakery. Studying abroad in Nantes, France for three months.


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