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Rain Showers and Chocolate Cake

The winter menu dessert is a moelleux au chocolat – aka molten chocolate cake, one of the best desserts in the world – paired with the previously mentioned vanilla flan, and ice cream. Throughout the week, I watched it being plated; on Friday, I finally got to make the delicious batter. It’s actually super simple to make with only five ingredients: eggs, sugar, flour, butter, and really good chocolate. The little cakes are made as needed, frozen, and baked off right before service to ensure gooey molten deliciousness. This post might be a bit biased, considering how much I love chocolate. And oh la la, Thursday night one of the little chocolate cakes exploded in the oven and we had to eat it. Travesty.

I didn’t make anything other new items that afternoon, just more marshmallow pops and violet sucettes. I walked on the beach before dinner service and dodged a quick rainstorm, taking shelter under the overhang of a fancy apartment building, before getting an espresso in a little cafe/bar in the centre. Occasionally my phone can connect to their wifi, the espresso is cheap, and supposedly they have good mojitos.

There was enough to do in the evening without doing considerable prep; Friday night had many more clients than earlier in the week. The head pastry chef experimented with a new dessert idea, pictured below. And there is one other plated dessert I haven’t mentioned because I haven’t personally made any of its components. It’s simply caramelized hazelnuts, tuile, and salted caramel ice cream elegantly sandwiched together and topped with two caramel-coated hazelnuts, complete with sugar strand and edible gold paper. I tried to snap a picture of the waiter and pastry chef at work as she plated the dessert, but the waiter noticed and panicked, knocking the two caramel-coated hazelnuts from their perch. Thank goodness it’s a relatively lighthearted atmosphere. Action-shot posted below along with other miscellaneous photos.

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I returned to my host family late at night for the weekend. Next weekend, however, I’m most likely staying in La Baule and will not be able to post for a bit. I’ll do my best to find a decent internet connection next weekend somewhere, but apologies if there’s a long delay. Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day!


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