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Maison Cailler

After La Maison du Gruyère, we visited La Maison Cailler, Nestlé’s chocolate production site in Switzerland. They also have factories in York, U.K. The history of chocolate in Nestlé begins at the end of the 17th century and is relatively long and somewhat complicated, but… Read More

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For my last weekend in Switzerland, my aunt and I visited the old town of Gruyères, the Gruyère cheese demonstration dairy, and the Nestlé Cailler chocolate factory. We went on a tour of both production sites. Gruyère Cheese Gruyère cheese comes from milk strictly produced in… Read More

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Hikes and Walks

We went for a couple of little hikes in the lower mountains in Switzerland during my second week. The upper mountains are still mostly snowed over. Gorge hike: We ran into snow partway into the second hike. A little walk and another funicular:

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Arles, France

Lots of tourist photos incoming. Early Saturday morning, my aunt and I drove to Arles, France for a little weekend get-away. I was more than happy to return to French markets and restaurants. I also loved seeing another part of the country; it was very pretty… Read More

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Final Classes

My last week in France, I had classes on Wednesday and Thursday at the lycée. Wednesday class was a bit unusual; instead of doing regular lunch service with Chef Launay, we prepped for a large dinner that the high school was coordinating that evening with… Read More

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The American has returned to the States. I left Geneva around 7am Monday; got into Amsterdam an hour and ten minutes later; ran through the airport to get to my gate and through immigration just as the flight stopped boarding; and spent a lovely ten… Read More