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Salut, Apologies to my school for not updating daily this week – it’s been an exhausting couple of days! As I mentioned, I started work at a new restaurant in Couëron on Tuesday. It’s a small family-run operation called “Osmoz”, with the Chef, one other… Read More

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Salut! Heads up – lots of posts incoming to recap the past two weeks. Connecting to internet on a laptop in La Baule has been difficult. I think I may have found a different cafe with better wifi, but I only have one week left!… Read More

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A Quick Hello

Salut! I do not have internet in La Baule, at least not with a computer, so posts are delayed. I will update you all this weekend with more on Debotté, visits to pastry shops, and working at Castel Marie Louise. Until tomorrow, Emma

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A Cultural Weekend

Before heading back to Couëron for the weekend, I finished up my initial time at the lycée by assisting in English class and participating in French gym class. In English class, the students had mock interviews in which they pretended to be the head chef… Read More

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Thursday Classes

On Thursday, I again had the opportunity to participate in a French class before assisting in Chef Launay’s dinner service. The students continued their discussion regarding otherness, this time pondering if a person has authority over whom they become in life, or if all is… Read More

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Tuesday Classes

This week, I am staying with my host family and no longer living at the lycée, so I finally have time to finish posting about last week. Life at the lycée was busy! Maybe I forgot how little free time I had in high school or… Read More

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Dimanche in Angers

Upon my arrival in France, my aunt in Switzerland introduced me via email to a French family in Angers with whom she became friends with while she and the husband worked for Nestle in America. Angers is a small city about 40 minutes by train… Read More

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Little Notes

I forgot to mention a few points about classes last week and better understand how classes function. 1. There are two restaurants open to the public at the lycee, with single kitchen and class serving each. One is a fine dining restaurant, while the other… Read More